Erin Manning Small Business Video Kit

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You’ve heard all the stats, video marketing is on the rise and you need to start producing your own videos ASAP. The problem is, you need some smartphone video gear and it’s hard to pick and choose all the right gadgets. It can be confusing when you’re shopping online. A few questions might be, what case fits my phone? What’s the best audio equipment to use? Is there a quality, portable light that won’t break the bank? Do I need a special cable to connect everything to my phone? What about a tripod? My iOgrapher Small Business Video Kit has all the gear mentioned above, plus other essential gadgets that you may not even know you need. It’s a great way to get started creating professional-looking videos, with room to grow.

Step 1: Choose Your Case

Step 2: Choose Your Lenses

Step 3: See What’s Included

Step 4: Add Optional Accessories

$0.00 $429.99