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We wish all the Dads and Grads a wonderful summer!
We wish all the Dads and Grads a wonderful summer!

iOgrapher GO Action Camera Mount

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Do you like making videos with an action camera? Are you looking for something to improve the experience and the result? We offer you the iOgrapher GO Action Camera Mount. This is a product that will let you shoot with much more stability and also has a lot of room for accessories. The quality of the materials and the usefulness of this item will surely be instrumental in bringing a much needed boost to the standard of your content and your creativity in general.

Filming with an action camera is fun and exciting, because it can provide a unique point of view, but there are a few disadvantages. Sometimes too much action can make things a bit too chaotic for the audience. With the help of our iOgrapher GO Action Camera Mount you can add more stability to your videos without taking away the excitement. It is a nice way to achieve that without paying a lot more money for professional stabilizers and similar equipment.

This product is suitable for people, who are just starting making videos, as well as for veterans of the craft. In order to let you use your full arsenal, the iOgrapher GO has three shoes for accessories. To make your videos even better you can attach your favorite light, your professional-grade microphone, a monitor or any other piece of equipment you need. There’s even room for a tripod. It’s easy-to-use and weighs only 0.3kg. The package includes a ¼ 20” accessory shoe mount.

Nowadays everyone has a profile on social media and most of us like to make videos. You can share them with friends for fun or you can try and make some money out of the whole thing. Our product can be a suitable birthday or holiday gift to a person with a creative knack. It can be very useful in making their videos better, more engaging and more exciting.

We made sure that only high quality polycarbonate/ABS plastic was used in the production of this item. It is made in the USA and the quality of the materials is a guarantee for its sturdiness, durability and long life. We are a brand that helps content creators find the best equipment they need. We also offer them some new and exciting gear. Our goal is to take care of the technical side of things, which will let you express your creativity more freely and effectively.

All things considered, we offer you a useful and efficient product with enough features and quality to be considered a definite purchase. We offer you all that at a very reasonable price. Add this item to your shopping cart and start making your best videos!