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We wish all the Dads and Grads a wonderful summer!
We wish all the Dads and Grads a wonderful summer!

Life Camera Action Book

Producing high-quality video used to be a difficult enterprise--restricted by costly equipment and hard-to-come-by technology. But, today, aspiring filmmakers, journalists, vloggers, live-streamers, coaches, educators, and editors have the tools for creating incredible videos right at their fingertips--literally.

David Basulto, founder of iOgrapher and leader in the world of mobile filmmaking, has taught thousands of video enthusiasts across the globe how to turn their phones and tablets into powerful video-making machines. Now he shares his invaluable wisdom in this complete guide to mobile filmmaking, including: 
  • How to select lights, microphones, cases, lenses, tripods, and mixers 
  • Which programs and apps work best 
  • Workflows and practices for creating everything from films to live streams to educational aids and more 
The future of filmmaking is now. And LIFE. CAMERA. ACTION. is your one-stop guide for bringing your video visions to life today.